Welcome to Pepper and Plum

I am thrilled to welcome you to Pepper and Plum, where I hope to bring a new perspective to everyone who finds themselves here. I believe in living a full and rich life, and appreciating the beauty of every day. I believe in giving yourself what makes you feel truly happy– whether that is an incredible plate of pasta, a glass of bubbly to celebrate the victory of another day, or a long walk around the neighborhood enjoying the sun on your shoulders and a breath of fresh air. I believe in sharing what is good with the people you love, in creating a community and making a celebration out of every day. There is no reason we should save the party invitations for birthdays that end in -0.

I originally created Pepper and Plum to share my experiences with and knowledge of wine, but I found I have so much more to say. That said, wine is a living and breathing thing, and I’ve been so inspired by all the many forms it can take. I’ll certainly talk about it plenty and I hope to teach you something in the process. Wine may be more or less complex, more or less elegant, more or less ageable, but I truly believe that there is no “good” or “bad” wine, only the wine that you like and that gives you a fresh perspective. The world is full of interesting wines in endless styles that can tell us a little something about where they came from and who made them.They are part of a culture and a lifestyle. Here I hope to inspire that lifestyle talking not only about wine, but the way it blends into life.

I hope you will learn something new and be encouraged to try new wines, recipes, adventures. I hope you will find what makes you happy, and feel confident asserting that.  I’m not trying to change the world through a big political agenda or mind-blowing style shift, but through life’s small and yet infinitely important daily experiences.

So…let’s start on this journey now then! There are many stories to be told, experiences to be had, vineyards to be seen, and wines to be tasted. Off we go!

Taste. Embrace. Savor. Appreciate.

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