About Me

img_0020.jpgMy name is Emily Murphy and I am passionate about food, wine, and enjoying the good things in life. I have been obsessed with food and how it came to be on my table since I was a wee one, and obsessed with wine since it was acceptable for me to be so. I believe that food and wine can bring together communities, create new bonds, heal aching hearts, and celebrate even the smallest of victories. I think that wine tells us so much about history and culture and the people who made it and why they made it, and I love to learn and tell those stories. I enjoy bringing people together over a good meal.

In 2017 I earned the presigious WSET Diploma, a fourth level sommelier certification requiring at least two years of study. My goal is to bring wine enjoyment and appreciation to everyone, no matter their education level. Wine appreciation shouldn’t be limited to a few people with fancy letters after their name; wine has always been for everyone and should be approachable for everyone.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter and you can find me with a glass of bubbly or dirty martini at 5:01 p.m. tinkering around in our kitchen, my favorite place to be.


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